After Atrox

Hate That Smile
Formed in late 1986 from ashes of Atrox: – Alex Vann, Paul Chambers, Rich Wakelin, Shaun Hemsley
Gigged with – Victim’s Family + Bad Beach + Hate That Smile – @ West Indian Club, Southampton – Mon July 17th 198? amongst numerous other gigs.

  • Recordings:
    Two studio demos – “Energise” and “Liberty Free Zone”
  • Records:
    2 tracks on “Living On The Edge” comp LP – “Create a New Fiction” and “Who’s Mistreating Who?”

Shot Away
Alex and Paul Chambers again – post Hate That Smile band with Rich Wakelin again for the demo and Shaun again doing vocals at gigs. One demo recorded.

  • Recordings:
    One studio demo
  • Records:
    2 tracks on “Living On The Edge” comp LP � “Subject to Change” and “Forever”

Formed from the ashes of Shot Away and Mad At The Sun (Exeter band) � featuring Alex and Paul again and Martin Edmunds (Ed) later of ongoing Exeter post-hardcore band Annalise.

  • Records:
    Recorded 2 LPs. 1st – “Losing It All” in early 90s.
    2nd finally released recently with the 1st on one CD on Boss Tuneage

Paul Simmons hardcore band formed in Manchester.

  • Records:
    Released a track “Feel The Force” on the “Headscrew” compilation flexi EP (Refusenik Records) with 3 other Manchester punk bands Pigpile, Stretch, Amberjacks, and Kitchener in December 1993. We suspect other Simmons bands after this but “unknown” as yet!

Shaun, Paul Chambers plus Tony Whately (Suspect Device ‘zine) and Iain ? – furious speed fuelled hardcore with the idea to never use a riff more than once! Shaun has one dodgy tape. Supported NOFX amongst others.

Came about after Fusion finished – Shaun, Steve Burgess (ex-Corporate Grave), Rob Callen and Tony Whately. Shaun left before they played any shows.

Famous Five/Spiro
The Chimes

Alex’s current musical projects

Ex band members – bands before and after STTS/Atrox
Alex Vann – pre: Chaotic (Disorder), post:- Hate That Smile, Shot Away, Wordbug, Annalise, Famous 5/Spiro, The Chimes
Dave Redfern – none
Alex Russell – unknown
Andy Gouldson – unknown
Brian Brown – pre:- Manic, post:- last seen mid-90s fronting a ska band
Paul Simmons – pre: Screaming Disorder,post: Stretch
Paul Chambers – Hate That Smile, Shot Away, Wordbug, Fusion (with Shaun), Blunt (Weymouth), Jack Of All Phobias (1997 – 1998 Pete Osmond later of Humans The Size Of Microphones – had one studio tape; one unreleased track that never came out on the planned EP, and unreleased practice tape), Thirst Mark Hodder – none
Charlie Mason – none
Shaun Hemsley – Shot Away, Fusion, Thirst. Now runs TenZenMen CD label in Australia and had an LP (titled ‘quarrychase’) on Very Good records 2002